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Paul Newman by technicolor-canvases Paul Newman :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 1 0 Jayfeather - Warriors by technicolor-canvases Jayfeather - Warriors :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 3 6 howling at the moon - art by technicolor-canvases howling at the moon - art :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 3 0 Splash - qhostpaws by technicolor-canvases Splash - qhostpaws :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 4 2
that side-walk crack
you were sorry.
because you loved him
and he obviously had never loved
who cherished him
and loved him
you respected him
and his choices:
a. you
b. him
you let him hold your
in his hands
he broke your back
in two
by stepping on that
goddamn side-walk crack.
:icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 0 6
run to you
he walked in and out
of your life.
he called his long reprieves
"vacations" and he
told you he loved you
and that he'd always come
r    u    n    n    i    n   g,
to you.
always to you.
but he lied.
:icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 0 0
godly sinner
he was the color
of translucent window panes
and you were in love
with the way that his teeth
clashed like mountains
whenever he got flustered.
he was nothing more than
a pack of cigarettes
a motorcycle jacket
and some bones,
but you didn't mind that he didn't
own a bike.
you felt the wind in your
hair whenever he lifted you
into the air to show others
that you were his,
not your own.
he was the moon and you
were the sun;
everything between you two
was the stars,
the collateral damage.
you were surprised that
anything could be left
after he took so much
when he disappeared.
he was godly,
but he was also a sinner.
he plead for forgiveness but
he gave none,
not even when you
broke his favorite glass cup.
it already had a chip
on the shoulder
and you hadn't meant to,
but you dropped it.
you watched with wide
ocean eyes as the waves
between you and him
more and more chaotic.
the fragments of heated sand
pulsed beneath your bleeding and cut feet,
but he called you
an idio
:icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 0 2
Robinfrost and Alderfur - FH RP by technicolor-canvases Robinfrost and Alderfur - FH RP :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 5 8 Bramblestar and Squirrelflight by technicolor-canvases Bramblestar and Squirrelflight :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 6 4 Dad Bro by technicolor-canvases Dad Bro :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 3 8 dad bro and silver senpai by technicolor-canvases dad bro and silver senpai :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 2 1 stormstar // ref. by technicolor-canvases stormstar // ref. :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 3 2 Thrush - Preset (Face) by technicolor-canvases Thrush - Preset (Face) :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 1 0 Thrushwing - Preset by technicolor-canvases Thrushwing - Preset :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 0 0 Hollyleaf - WARRIORS by technicolor-canvases Hollyleaf - WARRIORS :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 5 5 Jayfeather - WARRIORS by technicolor-canvases Jayfeather - WARRIORS :icontechnicolor-canvases:technicolor-canvases 3 4



I appreciate that many of you gave me llamas for my upcoming "birthday" but that's not actually my real birthdate. My real birthday is October 2nd, and my name is Averi. I hope that I can send you llamas back when it's time for your birthday.


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I don't have much money and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to see, so, if you could donate, I would like you to. I'm not asking you because I want you to pity me, it's because if I had enough I could at least get a month of premium stuff, and that just seems really awesome to me.

You don't have to donate, but thanks so much for listening! <3

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